Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Giveaway is a pair of Alphabet Earrings in Sterling Silver and it is about to be drawn....

Dont forget to enter the March Giveaway

Here is the link - is about to be drawn.............and April will have another giveaway...... Something special for Easter...... Will announce the winner and new months giveaway on April 1st and it is no joke..really:) xoxo

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Treasury I have just curated in Etsy

I love treasurys.
They are member curated kinda comperlations of items listed on Etsy.
Here is my contribution today. Oh and sometimes your treasury may make it to the front page.. Here's hoping you never know your luck in the big cities and small towns. I am still trying to get my picture editing skills up to scratch so if you cannot view this picture very well..  Update: The treasury has now expired and no longer can be viewed on the net.


The other day I just thought that at the end of the day my job is to create... So I just decided I need to get on with it and create some new pieces of work. Not aim at any market or anything just simply to create. I absolutely had a wonderful day. Worked hard and came up with some new pieces of work.  One of the amazing things is the work that you think wont turn out actually turns out the best.. Amazing really:)
A little about these particular rings: Ring 1 - silver bands soldered together and then filed and another piece of silver added in . This piece has hearts stamped on. The next ring is a piece of abalone shell set into a bezel. I absolutely love abalone shell and have worked with this shell for about 12 years now. Just am mad about the colors of this shell. I will be doing more settings with this shell. The last is simply a wide sterling silver piece formed and soldered into a ring. It can be personalized. These rings were made for the RAD or ring a day challenge on Flickr.  Had a fun day doing these......

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A little write up in

How exciting.
Lorain Blanken from
Did a little write up on this blog.
And has inspired me to do a few more posts.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Tweet Tweet.........

I have just found the Tweetmeme Button.
Have just added to posts.
Check it out and maybe you can add it to your blog if you have not got it already:)
Gotta go to the local scholl fete now. How exciting.
Here is the links to tweetmeme:)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Indie Style Media

Wow I have just found the website
Expand your Blog.........Expand your their business.. check it out. I just love win win's :)
And the bonus is that there are going to be some wonderful Indie sites advertised on this site including indie music.. Enjoy your Sunday everyone XOXO

March Giveaway is a pair of Alphabet Earrings in Sterling Silver

Ok for March which is the wonderful Spring month for the North and Autumn (going into winter argh..for the south) I have chosen the simple and yet cool Alphabet earrings!
ABC..............My Google analytics actually shows that alphabet earrings is searched a lot on the net.. I would not think so but they are! How amazing simple alphabet earrings............. They are cute.

To Enter the giveaway simply leave a comment,

For extra entries do any or all of the below to get extra entries.
Leave extra comments and the links to what you have done from the below list.

+ For  1 extra entry - blog about the give away. Make sure you  leave a link to the post on your blog in the comments section below 
+ For  1 extra entry - Mention the give away on Facebook and leave  a link to the mention
+ For 1  extra entry - twitter about this contest with a link,
+ For 1 extra entry - grab my button on the sidebar and add it to your blog, let me know
+ For 1 Extra Entry - Become a follower of my blog 
+ For 1 extra entry - Follow me on Facebook
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Ok I will stop:) LOL

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Finally the winner of Feb's giveaway... So sorry time has just got ahead of me!

The winner of the Feb Giveaway is Heather Calhoun.
How exciting cause I have organised another giveaway on Heathers website and thought to myself but heather wont get anything... and now her number was chosen to be the winner.. It has all worked out... how cool ... just love it when it works........Thanks everyone... I will be listing another giveaway... any suggestion as to what we should giveaway for mighty March????