Saturday, March 20, 2010

Treasury I have just curated in Etsy

I love treasurys.
They are member curated kinda comperlations of items listed on Etsy.
Here is my contribution today. Oh and sometimes your treasury may make it to the front page.. Here's hoping you never know your luck in the big cities and small towns. I am still trying to get my picture editing skills up to scratch so if you cannot view this picture very well..  Update: The treasury has now expired and no longer can be viewed on the net.


Anonymous said...

Who is the winner of the "Alphabet earrings"???


Vigdis said...


I've recently been reading your blog regularly and quite enjoy it, it's very inspiring.
I'm studying Art in the Netherlands (am from Germany, though) and just
started my Blog. I'm not too sure how everything works but I was wondering
if you 'd like to have some kind of link exchange to promote each other
(well, I guess your Blog doesn't need to much promoting, anyways) :)
The address is (it's swedish for idea-machine)

Right now I focus on DIY things, I think that's what I am gonna concentrate on
in the future as well as other random things of my life and arts & design,
but I feel that DIY is something that brings art and fashion to the attention to some
who are otherwise just 'consumers' and thus turned into artists themselves.
I feel that my creativity is a way to live out the inspiration I get from blogs like yours.
Anyway, have a nice day...

take care

trudie said...

Hey Aljna,

the alphabet earrings will be drawn at the end of March / 1st April :)


trudie said...

Wow Vigdis,

I absolutely love your blog, Love the the work you are doing,the crochet belt is so cool, your fashion picks especially Alexander Wang are anmazing. I would be happy to put your 125 x 125 button on my blog. It Would be great if you could put mine on your blog.
You can grab the code for my button to the right side of the blog.

Also I think that
would be a good site for you to submit your blog to. This works on a exchange system.

I am so thrilled that you are being inspired from my blog.. OMG this is amazing.. I am going to cry :0) no not really.. but i am very honoured.
And yes I think DIY is great and you know we ALL can actually create and with tutorials and people sharing everything is possible. I am at the stage that I am so over business and I just want to create. I am happy creating..:)
You take care and just send me your button for your blog and I will put it on my blog. Cheers

trudie said...

Oh and this is also a great group to get involved with :