Saturday, May 29, 2010

Textured Wide Band sterling silver Ring - a new addition

Great sterling silver wide band ring that has a great hammered texturing and has been personalized in the inner side. Large piece of silver - What you get
* made to the size you want.
* the inside of the ring is stamped with the words/names/dates of your choice
* 10mm wide ring hand forged from sterling silver
* choice of font - cursive, large block capital , small block capital.
* design stamps can also be stamped at no extra cost.
Something to do really:)

A New Addition ... Setting sapphires..... fun!

Well one of the rings that I have been wanting to make and finish is this band. It is sterling silver and I have set real tiny sapphires into this band. I have been studying gemstone setting at our local college - NMIT - My teacher is a great gemstone setter. He has set gems for the Sultan of Brunei and worked for many of the Jewelry companys in the UK and Europe. With gemstone setting you do need the tools including desk and other tools like the Foredom motor/tool to attach burs and cutters to enable one to set the stones. Patience was needed. Just loved setting this and cannot wait to do another one. Let me know what you think.........

Friday, May 28, 2010

Enameling and the looove of color

I just absolutely love color.... so I have always been interested in making metal shine with color. I have dreamed of owning a kiln .... then thought yikes not now my credit card cannot cope! I recently came across Painting with Fire. Painting with Fire  is the work of Barbara Lewis. Painting with fire is all about Torch- Fired enamelling.
Effectively I dont need a kiln for now and that was music to my ears. I still am collecting all my supplies and am so excited to begin a journey of changing the color of metal. With enamels and this sort of work I will be working actually outside so that there is lots of ventilation. This is important. I love color and cannot wait to get started. Hopefully it wont take me another 6 months?? You know how it is too much to do and no time to do it in. Barbara has a great shop on Etsy that sells her supply creations and a shop that features her jewelry.
Those beads are great and would make great additions to those amazing creations of yours.... She has a blog and a Ning group. Also for Barbara runs workshops for those of you who would like to play with  fire:)

Cursive font .........

I just wanted to share the cursive font that can be used in the personalised ring.

And shortly I will be making these in a gold filled ring. So gold filled rings of 4mm that can be personalized. They will be slightly different in style but they will be gold for those who like the look of the yellow metal. I wear both gold and silver.

Below is also a picture of some of the design stamps that can be incoporated in designs upon request. xo

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Craftcult .com

I Just love this
it has so many great tools for lovers of Etsy.

Dont like the color

argh changing it back and going to get serious!! :) I am a minimilist at heart :)

Sunday Morning and spending way too much time on computer

So just thought I would change background colour - color.
Just having fun playing. Cant wait til Monday so I can get to work creating more work.
Spent the weekend lazing around being on the computer and watching TV.
I watch a wonderful 16 year old ~ Jessica Watson ~ be welcomed into Sydney harbor after sailing around the world for 9 months.

She sailed solo, circumnavigated the world unassisted. What a clever brave teenager.

And when interviewed she said she had a dream and just did it.

 She is passionate about sailing , had a dream and went for it... Wow! it is all possible if you are in the right space I suppose.

Here are a couple of links all about her and a picture of the harbour I recently took

Friday, May 7, 2010

May's Giveaway 2010

Well this time I thought I would giveaway something that already exists.. I make a lot of jewelry and it just hangs around and well maybe it is time to give it away :)
Well what is it going to be???
Ok well it is going to be a hammered silver band with fresh water pearls and rubies and sapphire rondelles.
More of a party ring then an everyday ring. Fun to wear and beautiful gemstones sourced from Jaipur India.
Enjoy everyone and do you believe it is MAY ! argh!

* Post giveaway on your blog (2 extra entries)
* Tweet about it on Twitter (2 extra entries)
* Post comment on your facebook page (2 extra entries)

 If you do any of the above let me know what you have done in the comments section. 
Happy Spring /Summer for all those in the Northern Hemisphere and Rug Up those of us in the South ! Boo Hoo its cold!! :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April's Giveaway has been redrawn !

Ok I contacted Nic but it seems that she does not want giveaway so guess what , the giveaway has been redrawn and the winner is


Iam sure Heather will leave a comment.Congratulations. Please let me know what you how you want the ring personalized and if you want the set of three rings or just the one :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Winner of April's giveaway is ........

The winner of this months giveaway is Nic a subscriber to my newsletter.
Congratulations Nic...
You can either have the single sterling silver band or the band with two skinny rings.
Look forward to seeing how you want these rings  personalized .....

As I write this post my thoughts are with  some of  my customers that I know live in Louisana and that coastline.
Cheers Everyone and There will be another giveaway and some other things and features added to this blog.
Below is a most interesting sculpture piece that I saw on holidays just recently. My family took me to Sydney for a couple of days for my birhday... It was created by Tom Bass in 1966. It is metal recessed into a marble/granite wall of a skyscraper. I liked it :) I think what I like most about the work was that some of the metal had a patina of green colour on the surface of the metal... Yummy greens on metals ... well sort of!!