Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April's Giveaway has been redrawn !

Ok I contacted Nic but it seems that she does not want giveaway so guess what , the giveaway has been redrawn and the winner is


Iam sure Heather will leave a comment.Congratulations. Please let me know what you how you want the ring personalized and if you want the set of three rings or just the one :)


Duni said...

Congrats to the winner! What a generous giveaway. I'm sorry I missed it!
Really beautiful ring :)

Heather! said...

Well *I* definitely want this baby! Thanks so much Trudie! I'm deciding how to personalize it, and I'll email you as soon as I have decided (today or tomorrow).

Yay...I feel so lucky!!


trudie said...

Hey Heather , I have sent your item. Please let us know how you liked this item.

Heather! said...

Hi Trudie! I already emailed you, but wanted to tell you here how much I loveloveLOVE the ring set I won in your April giveaway! They are gorgeous, and the middle one means so much to me because it has the names of some of the most important 'people' in my life...our dogs and cats. :)

I keep bragging about them to my family and showing them off to my daughter's friends, etc.! (Think I'm embarrassing her.) Thanks again for having such a great giveaway and for making really beautiful jewelry that MEANS something!

trudie said...

Thank you so much for your feedback.
I am going to do a little post or place the picture of the cursive font I used when making your rings.
The cursive font does look cool.
i am glad to have made a special ring for you.