Friday, May 28, 2010

Enameling and the looove of color

I just absolutely love color.... so I have always been interested in making metal shine with color. I have dreamed of owning a kiln .... then thought yikes not now my credit card cannot cope! I recently came across Painting with Fire. Painting with Fire  is the work of Barbara Lewis. Painting with fire is all about Torch- Fired enamelling.
Effectively I dont need a kiln for now and that was music to my ears. I still am collecting all my supplies and am so excited to begin a journey of changing the color of metal. With enamels and this sort of work I will be working actually outside so that there is lots of ventilation. This is important. I love color and cannot wait to get started. Hopefully it wont take me another 6 months?? You know how it is too much to do and no time to do it in. Barbara has a great shop on Etsy that sells her supply creations and a shop that features her jewelry.
Those beads are great and would make great additions to those amazing creations of yours.... She has a blog and a Ning group. Also for Barbara runs workshops for those of you who would like to play with  fire:)


Barbara Lewis said...

Trudie, thank you! I hope we can introduce torch firing enamel to more people. It's so inexpensive to do and gives great results!

trudie said...

Yes it does not take too much to set up with torch firing enamel. it is real inexpensive and a great addition to creative efforts. I will let you know how I go. Best wishes Trudie

Dave D said...

I got an old electric kiln for free! I noticed it in the closet of a rec center where I was doing some work....asked about it and they said take it. Here is a link to my picture of it: It is down the page a bit.

Dave D

Anna said...

To do enamel would be fun. Think of all the colours! Something else for me to dream about!