Friday, June 4, 2010

So what about Junes's Giveaway ??

I am making some new little stud earrings and a gold filled version of the personalized ring..... so the Junes giveaway willbe posted like about the 9th of June. 
It will be a choice form some of my new stock..
Cheers everyone enjoy you Saturday morning or Friday night....
XOXO Trudie
Oh the photo is of a ring that I made - For the RAD Challenge - It is my favourite spaceship :) All made from silver. cute to wear but it does catch on woollen sweaters, jumpers !


Christy said...

Love the spaceship ring. Matching earrings would be super!

trudie said...

So do you think like post earrings or dangle earings.. what do you think?

trudie said...

oh maybe both ?