Friday, October 15, 2010

A little about Gold - Filled products

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share a little bit about my experince with Gold Filled products.

With Gold prices so high .... this commodity is in demand..... and be careful dont sell of your gold for next to nothing.........

Anyway back to the gold filled.. when I started working with it I was a little skeptical but you know it is a great product. The only thing with it is that it can tarnish a little. But all you have to do is rub it and wow back to its shiny self. And the tarnishing is not unsightly it is just a couple of shades darker.

I am fairly impresssed with Gold filled. In these times where gold will just get more and more expensive then gold-filled is cool for those that like the look of the shiny yellow / pink metal.

Currently I offer a 5mm band in the shop however will probably in time offer other gold -filled products.

Gold filled stack rings

I also have bought the raw material - gold filled products of two different manufacturers and you know the quality can sometimes differ from company to company.

Here is what wikipedia says about gold - filled : Gold Filled Wiki
Anyway that is my share for the evening day.
Cheers! :) xox


Anonymous said...

Wow...thanks for the explanation. I have been staying away from gold pretty much all the way around, besides gold plated. I just purchased a bunch of silver and that was expensive enough! Can you even believe how much silver is now? Crazy times, they are a comin'!

trudie said...

Yes it is crazy. You know i have a feeling that silver is going to be more expensive as gold just becomes astronomical! Strange days indeed! :)

sandy petals said...

Trudie, Can you forge and solder gold fill without harming it?