Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Greetings ~ 2011

Wow it has truly been a big year. Growing in my craft, creating new and wonderful pieces, stamping some real amazing words and names onto metal for great people, and looking on the bright side of life as always!
I hope you all had a lovely christmas and looking forward to the New YeaR. 2011 will be what we make it right!!.
I will be trying to eat and live more of a healthier lifestyle. Good food and exercise is what it will be about in the new year.
Off course more jewelry and create some special pieces when they happen.

The highlight of my year is to be selected to be a participating artist in a exhibition to be held in Seattle in 2011.
That will be cool:)
Thanks so much for tuning in to my blog. There will be a new giveaway for January.
Oh the photo is of a lapis Lazuli ring I made for a family member.
Love Lapis - apparently it is meant to keep you close to God!


Barbara Lewis said...

Congratulations on your exhibition selection! No small thing ... and the ring is gorgeous!

trudie said...

Hey Barbara,
Yes the seattle selection just made my year!. I am looking to buy a kiln this year so that will be great. Still wanting to play with enamels and also do some work with PMC. I will check out your blog and login to painting with fire to see what kilns would be suitable for both mediums. I dont know a lot about it all - Its all a learning curve!! ....
Happy new year to you :)

MAC said...

Every time I go to your site I admire this ring. It's simply beautiful!

trudie said...

Thanks Martha, Lapis is a beautiful stone. I recently did another one which I will post shortly:)