Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RAW - creating 52 rings this year - The challenge i am undertaking is to create 1 ring a week.

I have decided to partake in the Ring a week challenge.

so here is the first ring that i have created. I am a little behind need to get a move on.
It is a four leaf clover for luck and it has a green peridot set into the ring.

I am also being part of

metalsmiths are creating pieces of work and sharing the process.
a bit of fun through out the year.
I will post new work and thinkgs i am up to through out the year. xo :)


Jewel Voi-ze said...

Great site, i love to read all

trudie said...

thank you - i did not think people visited. I am going to make a effort to post more:)

Desert Soapstone said...

I 'm sure you will achieve this goal. I love the idea. I need to do that with my soap! Great blog!