Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Winner for June's Giveaway is .........

Wow so many entries into the giveaway... I had to gather my thoughts, a cup of tea and the computer and the random generator and go for it... and the winner is


congratulations Rajee.

Now back to the tea and Bed and COnference tommorrow courtesy of my day job... I feel a headache coming on, or back ache .. hehe!!!!???
Oh well see how I feel in the morning ah!
I would much rather be creating but maybe it would be good to have a rest from the bench (jewelry)

The giveaway has been busy this month.. now I will have to see other goodies I have for next month ..oh no this month !! yikes!
Oh and if anyone can tell me how to get rid of the little reaction boxes that would be awesome.. They are just so not... :)
Cheers everyone XOXO


Anonymous said...

Getting rid of "reactions: easy peasy

Go to "Edit Lay Out"
In the box that says "Blog Posts" click on "Edit" (probably in the lower right hand corner)
That brings up "Configure Blog Posts" and about half-way down, just under "Show Quick Editing" you will see "Reactions" just unclick that box and
voila! all gone

Rajee said...

Surprise that I won, Yipee!!! Thank you so much.

trudie said...

OMG Grace.. is it possible that I have a different layout for my blogger?

any way will keep trying..

I think when I tried to update tot he new designer templates my page went nuts oh well... back to making jewelry I think lol! Oh and I will list a amethyst wider style ring at some stage.. :)
Trudie :)

Rajee said...

I never received the prize so far that I won in your blog.

Please email me at to send out the prize. Thanks!